How to Adapt to a New Country | Interview with Dr. Jen Castañeda

There are countless tough challenges in moving to a new country. One has to overcome hurdles including learning a difficulty language. Dr. Jennifer Castaneda has been living in Poland for 27 years. She moves to her new country to help out in a center of formation in Poland, studied in a medical program in Polish and currently specializes in clinical genetics and bioethics.
She gives these advices to overcoming hurdles in moving to a new country:
1. Be very open to the differences in mentalities without putting too much attention to these differences.
2. Look for the aspects which unite like the universal values we share with people of difference cultures. You could even learn from them.
3. Keep your own culture and traditions. Do not compare. As you are learning from other cultures, you are also enriching them with your own ways of thinking.