How to Overcome Sadness

Sadness is a normal emotion in life. Who in the world does not get sad at all? But sometimes, we can be sadder than other times and it can be difficult to manage.

A recent surge of sadness among the BTS army came up when BTS announced a supposed hiatus a couple of months back. Our guest, Dr. Joanne Robles, is a neurologist and also a BTS army. She will share her experience in getting through the sadness as regards the BTS plans.

Her tips include: 1. Keep busy. 2. Know more the kind of person that you are. 3. Accept that the only thing you can do about any particular situation no matter how difficult it is is to control how you react. 4. Seek help from a medical specialist when you sense that you no longer have a normal reaction to a stressor. 5. Find a release or a medium of expression to your emotions, like a hobby, painting, music, etc.