How to Build your Career with Constant Learning

To progress at any work, constant learning is essential. Being a career diplomat demands "forever learning" as we will hear from the experiences of former Ambassador to Germany Melita Sta. Maria-Thomeczek.  Ambassador Millie has spent 27 years in the field of international relations. She had three assignments abroad - Bonn and Berlin (Germany) and New York (USA). We gathered these tips from her career built on constant learning.

1. Have the constant interest to learn and learn and learn.
2. Be accepting, understanding and open to new learning. Any bias will hinder your learning
3. Be humble to learn new things, and learn from past mistakes. 
4. Don't just learn alone. Learn with your team. 
5. Everything is a learning. Be discerning to know which learning to keep or to unlearn.
6. Be generous to share your learnings with other people so that they also grow.