How to Build a Legacy

The uncertainties caused by the pandemic and the economic recession have made us value even more whatever life and work and relationships we are blessed with. Regardless of the hits and misses or climbs and plateaus, we can still connect the dots and capture at any given moment the legacy we wish to leave behind.

We are joined in this live stream by my guest Mr. Mario Gatus, chairman of the board of Lee Hecht Harrison Philippines. With a career spanning almost 60 years, he will share his experiences and their meanings that helped him build his legacy. We learned these lessons from him: 1. There’s no dull moment in your life if you are having fun, enjoying yourself in the work that you like. 2. When people are separated from work and become less productive, society needs advocates for strong career transitioning. 3. A shift from employment to entrepreneurship needs the right mindset, discipline and persistence. 4. Follow the cardinal virtues (prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance.) 5. Keep on learning as the world is changing so fast.