How to Find Meaning in Both Life and Death

 Any discourse on finding life's meaning would be incomplete if it does not touch on death. In knowing the reality of death, we can be urged to find meaning in this one life that each one of us is gifted with. Just as the sight of the finish line drives a runner to give his one last sprint for the gold, accepting the reality of life's end - when it ends - could push us to reflect always on the direction that we taking each day. What am I moving towards?

My guest is Dr. Maria Fidelis Manalo, a palliative care specialist who has helped many terminally ill patients not only with medical care but also managed their psychosocial and spiritual care. For her, a person who has lived life to the full even if it was an ordinary life will also find meaning in death. On the other hand, persons who have not known what to do with their life as if life is passing them by will not know what to do when dying hits them.