How to Deal with Failure

Who would wish to talk about past failures when you are a top-notcher? 

Angelica Jao has been candid about one failed subject - how she felt upon getting her failing grade, fighting the fear of future failures, her own learning from that failure. 

Angelica landed in the top 3 of the chemical engineer licensure examination conducted in May 2022. She graduated from the University of the Philippines (mentioned in the video as UP) in 2020 with the degree of BS Chemical Engineering cum laude. She is an alumnae of the Philippine Science High School (mentioned as PISAY). These are her tips for dealing with failure: 

1. Think that failure does not define you. You are not going to fail forever. Neither does failure lessen your dignity as a person. 

2. Use failure as a motivation to know what you can improve on. 

3. Ask for help.  

4. Grab every opportunity to get back up. 

5. Be thankful that you failed, as it really happens. 

6. Think of other people who are not as privileged as you are.  

7. When you fail, then you can say you've been there and it was not as bad as you thought it was.